ATCANZ Constitution Constitution and Rules - May 2017 clean.pdf
2017 AGM Notice Notice_of_Meeting.pdf
Minutes of Management Committee Meeting 2 Nov 2016 ATC-Minutes-Full-Signed_2016-11-02.pdf
ATC National Aviation Course 2016 CFI Report ATC_National_Aviation_Course_CFI_Report.pdf
Chart of Accounts - Basic Accounts-Chart-Basic-Ver-20160828.pdf
Newsletter 2016 No. 4 Newsletter_2016-4.pdf
Newsletter 2016 No. 3 Newsletter_2016-3.pdf
Newsletter 2016 No. 2 Newsletter_2016-2.pdf
Newsletter 2016 No. 1 v2 Newsletter_2016-1-v2.pdf
AGM Minutes 21 May 2016 AGM_Minutes_2016-05-21.pdf
AGM Minutes Attachments 21 May 2016 AGM_Minutes_2016-05-21_Attachments.pdf
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